Admissions Process


Prospective freshmen who are eligible for the Honors Program will be sent an invitation to apply.  Please click on the “Apply for Honors Program” box and complete and submit your essay questions. 

How do we decide whether to extend an offer to join the Honors Program?  Please read about our Selection Process.

Correspondence will arrive via the email address you provided on your application to Georgia Tech, so please be sure to check that one. The table below indicates important dates and email sender information.


The GT Honors Program has two application periods:

  • Students who have been accepted into Tech as an Early Action Applicant will receive an invitation to apply for admittance into the Honors Program for the Fall semester of their first-year.
  • All first-years who started in Summer or Fall are given the option to apply for the Honors Program Midterm Acceptance Period. Early in their first Fall semester at Georgia Tech, these students will receive information on applying for Spring Semester entrance into the Honors Program.
    • Students applying for entrance for the Spring Semester will not be guaranteed housing within the Honors Program Residence Halls.
    • Because of the above, the late applicants to the Honors Program have to be more commited to engaging with the Honors Program Community on their own initiative, and thus, are selected with more scrutiny than the early applicants.

For information on general university admissions, please visit the Georgia Tech Admissions Website .