The Honors Program offers its students a program of well-coordinated advising, not only regarding Honors Program courses, but also general curricula and other opportunities, including co-ops, internships, study abroad, and post-graduate plans, as well as counseling on best practices for fitting extracurricular activities into a student's schedule.


Questions? Contact List:

Dr. Monica Halka, HP Associate Director

  • HP classes for fall 2021 or their posting on the OSCAR.
  • Whether a non-HP research course or a non-HP study abroad course might count toward the HP 15-credit curricular requirement or an HP Pathway. (Please review Addenda 3 & 4 in the HP Class Guide for Fall 2021, then contact Dr. Halka with any follow-up questions.)
  • How to earn the Award of HP Distinction in a Pathway. (Please review Addenda 1 & 2 in the HP Class Guide for Fall 2021, then contact Dr. Halka with any follow-up questions.)
  • For spring, summer, and fall 2021 graduating seniors, how to provide the HP with the information we need in time for you to receive your HP Stole, Pin, and Certificate.


Ms. Nicole Leonard, HP Academic Advising & Outreach Manager

  • Away from the office until further notice attending to medical needs of family members.
  • Please contact the other individuals on this contact list for assistance.


Ms. Lauren Evans, HP Program & Operations Manager

  • HP events & activities.
  • Serving as an HP Student Assistant (Help Desk, Retreat Guide, and other).
  • HP recruiting, admissions, housing, procurement and finance.
  • Other questions about the HP—for referral to the right person to answer.


Your GT Major Advisor

  • Questions about how your HP curriculum can be incorporated in your GT degree curriculum.


GT’s Exploratory Advisor

  • Exploring possibilities for your GT program of study, including the possibility of changing your major or adding a minor or certificate.


GT’s Academic Coaches

  • Working individually with a professional staff member to enhance your academic skills, gain confidence, discover motivation, and improve performance.