First-Year Retreat

24- Hours with HP

Starting Summer 2015, the Honors Program has brought back the freshman, overnight retreat. The incoming class will had the ability to pick from one of the three dates for the retreats, and it is mandatory for freshmen to attend one of these retreats.

Our goal in these retreats is to create networks of support and engagementWe have done this by dividing students based on survey results into smaller, diverse and mixed-gendered groups that share a couple of common interests and passions. These groups will be led by an upperclassman Triple Leader who will guide them through the retreat as well as encourage the maintenance of these social networks throughout the year by planning cultural and entertaining outings. A look at our first retreat should give more insight on the First-Year Retreat's inner workings.



The retreats have come and past, and here is a look at some of what we did:

  • We had a meet and greet reception with incoming students, upperclassmen, and Honors Program and Housing staff.
  • We broke up into small groups led by an upperclassman Triple Leader. We held break out sessions where we played icebreaker games, learned about our common interests, was introduced personally to each of the HP staff members, traded contact information, and planned  a group outing for the fall.
  • We enjoyed a lovely catered fajitas bar, followed by a trip to Clough's roof top garden, and a surprise construction challenge.
  • We selected to go on one of four themed tours of campus, seeing the bookstores and general stores, the sports field and rec centers, the gardens and outdoor spaces, or the diners and eateries. All while participating in a photo scavenger hunt.
  • We went to the late night showing of Jurassic World on its premier weekend.
  • We woke up early to jog, meditate, or play board games.
  • We enjoyed breakfast getting to know our new friends and groupmates.
  • We selected to participate in different activities, learning basic Martial Arts and Self-Defense, painting with Cotton Swabs, doodling while being mindful, or creating a dramatic performance that we shared with everyone at the retreat.
  • We sadly said our good bye to our new friends with the exciting knowledge that we would soon see them again.