Future Curriculum and Initiatives

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Note: The information disclosed below is still tentative!

The Pathways Initiative

What is the Pathways Curriculum?

Pathways will become a curriculum option for students of the Honors Program that will allow them to meet their Honors Program Academic Requirements without chosing five engaging, yet disparate Honors Program classes. Students would start the Pathways Curriculum, a 15-hour equivalent program, in their second-year of school. Then, they will take a 3-hour Foundation course where they will become their own research projects. The students will go through career counciling and soul searching to come up with a Pathway that goes beyond their regular degree; for example, a Biomedical Engineering student might choose a Human Genetic Engineering Pathway. The final product of the Foundations  course is to select and have approved a four-element path and a vision for a final project. These elements can include GT Classes, Undergraduate Research, Internships, and Coops, and the final project might be a paper, a presentation, a multimedia piece, a prototype, or anything similar. Our BME student might choose to take two genetics classes at GT, join a lab on campus, and spend a summer working at a biotechnology firm, and all the while, she might be researching an issue, working with her lab head to design simple experiments, and putting together a final paper.

Why institute the Pathways Curriculum?

A large number of students come to college certain of their career choices, but without a sense of how to start building those careers. A large number of students end up leaving college on a different route than they initially entered. And a large number of students arrive at college without any certainty about their future careers. Even the relative minority of students who have a decided plan might want an opportunity to map out the details. 

A lot of Honors Program students have expressed a desire that their HP academic requirements align more with their plans moving forward, and the Pathways Initiative is one way we are answering that request.  Ideally, we want our programming to be as useful to as many students as possible, and this is part of our efforts.