Honors Program Alumna Lands Her Dream Job

January 06, 2014 - - Honors Program Staff

Melissa LeFevre just landed her dream job.  After flourishing in Georgia Tech’s Earth and Atmospheric Science program, interning at 11 Alive and CNN/CNNi, and working as a Meteorologist and Weather Producer at the CNN Center, Melissa received an offer to be an on-air meteorologist and help build a new FOX station, located in Charlotte, from the ground up.

Melissa chose the EAS program at Georgia Tech in order to gain the scientific training required to report on climatology and weather patterns.  Her academic success and extra-curricular involvement led her to a student assistant position in the EAS department, two undergraduate internships, and ultimately her job as a producer at the CNN Center in Atlanta after her graduation in May 2013.  However, Melissa’s CNN post was behind-the-scenes.  Though gaining full-time industry experience was certainly invaluable, Melissa knew she wanted to be an on-air meteorologist and gain Certified Broadcast Meteorologist status through the American Meteorological Society.  In October of 2013, Melissa decided to take her career to the next level.  She made the bold choice to leave her secure job at CNN and apply to local weather centers across the country.  After making a U-Touch demo tape in CNN’s weather studio, Melissa applied to ten stations, all in highly ranked cities.  Melissa received an enthusiastic response from the FOX team in Charlotte (ranked 25th on Station Index’s list of Top 100 Television Markets) and decided to make the move.

Melissa enjoys the atmosphere of her new station, FOX46 Carolinas (WJZY) and loves that the station is brand new; in fact, FOX just bought the station from the CW last February.  The buyout occurred during a technology overhaul throughout FOX stations, allowing FOX46 to be one of the first to receive the latest production technologies and equipment.  As part of the overhaul, FOX pushes live behind-the-scenes web streams of the production studio in addition to a proactive social media campaign to increase media transparency.

Melissa’s success is rooted in prolific extra-curricular involvement and leadership experience gained as an undergraduate at Georgia Tech.  Melissa’s involvements included serving as the President of STORM (Students Observing and Researching Meteorology) and a TA for GT 1000, volunteering with the National Weather Service, and participating in the Georgia Tech Honors Program.  Melissa credits the Honors Program with fostering her sense of creativity and ingenuity.  “My Special Topics Courses didn’t consist of regurgitation,” said Melissa.  “I brought my own creative ideas to the table throughout each discussion and assignment.  Creativity and a strong voice are required of me now as a broadcaster.  Honors Program events prepared me for my new job as well.  Get-togethers in the Honors Program residence hall (my freshman year) and various lunches and lectures sponsored by the Honors Program allowed me to collaborate with people from all walks of life.  The diversity of the Honors Program is very similar to the workplace.”

We look forward to seeing our alumna Melissa on-air in Charlotte, North Carolina beginning January 4th!

Melissa LeFevre at FOX46 in Charlotte