Honors Program Alumnus Pursues Public Health

Feb 14, 2014

Kevin Humphries, a remarkable Honors Program graduate of May 2011, is truly following his passions.  Initially a Biology major at Georgia Tech, Humphries quickly became disillusioned with the idea of pursuing a career in traditional laboratory research.  During his first year in college, the Honors Program helped him figure out what field would be the best fit for his particular skills and interests.  “During my freshman year, Dr. Halka organized a session with the pre-Health counselor for Honors Program students.  Due to typical Tech busyness, I was the only student to show up and got the whole time to myself to talk about public health as a possible career.  The Honors Program also encouraged me to go on my first public health related trip, a medical relief trip in Costa Rica, during Spring Break and also funded my flight ticket.   I had a great experience in Costa Rica!”

After a bright undergraduate career, Humphries decided to obtain a Masters in Public Health (MPH) from the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University.  From there, he earned an internship in Ghana to study ethnobiology through the Carter Center.  At present, he hopes to obtain a two-year fellowship from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and continue on to a Doctorate in Public Health.  Humphries has also found the time to serve as a GED tutor through Youth Enrichment Services in Atlanta.  “I help students prepare for the GED and lend a helping hand, holistically, by inspiring them to maximize their potential.”

When asked how he achieved the aforementioned accolades, he cites the Honors Program as an essential part of the process.  “The Honors Program faculty and staff were always happy to help me with recommendation letters to numerous scholarship and internship applications.  These letters helped me get the internship in Ghana and accepted into the Rollins School of Public Health.  On top of all of this the Honors Program provided great camaraderie, extremely interesting classes, and a network of supportive people.”  We’re excited to hear how Humphries will continue to make his mark in the dynamic and inspiring field of public health.