First Year Students

All 202 first-year Honors Program students (102 women, 100 men) live together in the Hefner-Armstrong Residence Hall (three floors in Hefner, three floors in Armstrong, co-ed by floor). Twelve upper-level Peer Leaders also reside in Hefner-Armstrong (two Peer Leaders per floor). The ground floor of Hefner includes the Honors Program Classroom, where many Honors Program classes are offered each fall and spring, and the adjacent Honors Program Café, where faculty and students mingle over coffee and snacks before and after class. After hours and on weekends, the Honors Program Classroom and Café are great places to gather, study or socialize. The ground floor of Armstrong includes the Honors Program staff offices (Director, Associate Director, Advising & Outreach Manager, and Program & Operations Manager), the “Piano Room” (where students can play a digital piano 24/7—headphones on during office hours and quiet hours), and an open-access printer.


Each individual floor of Hefner and Armstrong offers several amentities. Students often take advantage of the common lounges to study together in a group or alone. The kitchen is also helpful if you or your roommate prefer not to buy your own microwave or fridge, it is all provided here! Each of the buildings has a few exercise machines for if you don't want to walk all the way to the Campus Recreation Center.



These are some of the students rooms after they have had the chance to personalize. It is very easy to make your room more comfortable to you.



First-Year Experience Program

As members of the Georgia Tech Housing community, our residents will also be a part of the First-year Experience Program. The Residence Life and Honors Program staff will work collaboratively to implement the components of the First-year Experience Program.

Please visit the First-year Experience Program for additional information.