Honors Program Pathways

There are three curriculum Pathways that Honors Program students can pursue during their undergraduate studies.  The Pathways are as follows: Service, Global Engagement, and Research. The Honors Program recognizes students who earn Distinction in a Pathway by including an Honors Program Pathway Distinction insignia on the right-hand side of the Honors Program graduation stole, and by issuance of an Honors Program Certificate for Distinction in a Pathway. A list of qualifying courses can be found in the HP Class Guide.

Requirements for Distinction in a Pathway

  1. Completion of HP 15-credit curricular requirement
  2. Completion of six or more credits in any HP Pathway, consisting of designated HP Pathway Class credits and/or Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) course credits or HP-Authorized Independent Research Course credits (for the HP Pathway in Research—see number 3 below) 
  3. Letter grades of “B” or better earned for all six credits counted toward the HP Pathway
  4. No credits earned for any one HP Pathway are counted toward any other HP Pathway

Honors Program Research Pathway

The Honors Program curriculum also includes courses (up to a combined total of six credits) offered by two premier Georgia Tech research partner programs: the Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) program, and the President’s Undergraduate Research Awards (PURA) program. VIP courses and PURA salary-award audit courses share the characteristic elements of Honors Program classes and allow Honors Program students to pursue their research passion while earning credits counted toward the Honors Program curriculum. Honors Program students must apply and be accepted to the VIP program to enroll in VIP courses, and must apply and win PURA salary awards to enroll in associated audit courses.

Non-HP Research Credits: VIP, PURA, and HP-Authorized Independent Research Courses

Because our HP students have diverse research interests—beyond those we can offer as HP Classes—we also encourage HP students to pursue the following three options for counting up to 6 non-HP credits toward their 15-credit HP Curricular Requirement:

  1. Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) letter-grade course credits (up to 6 credits)
  1. President’s Undergraduate Research Awards (PURA) course audit credits earned in departmental courses numbered 2698 or 4698 that are associated with a PURA salary award (up to 6 credits) 
  1. HP-Authorized Independent Research Course letter-grade credits (up to 3 credits)

The HP will recognize up to 3 credits of non-HP Independent Research Course credits toward the 15-credit HP Curricular Requirement if the course is:

  • offered as a Georgia Tech course (special problem, undergraduate research, independent study, or similar)
  • includes an official course syllabus
  • offered by a Georgia Tech instructor in a Georgia Tech academic department
  • completed for credit (not for pay)
  • completed on a letter-grade basis ("B" or better)
  • authorized by the Honors Program (form required)