Honors Program Staff

Roberta Berry


Roberta M. Berry is Associate Professor of Public Policy at Georgia Tech and is jointly appointed as Professor of Science and Technology Law, Policy, and Ethics at Georgia State University College of Law. Her research focuses on bioethics, health law and policy, and the legal, ethical, and policy implications of bioscience and biotechnology research and innovation. She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses that span these research areas, including graduate courses that enroll Georgia Tech graduate students and Georgia State law students. Dr. Berry is currently serving as the Director of the Georgia Tech Honors Program.

Dr. Berry's publications include two books, The Ethics of Genetic Engineering and A Health Law Reader: An Interdisciplinary Approach. She has authored a number of articles and book chapters, including the award-winning, co-authored article "The Absent Professor: Why We Don’t Teach Research Ethics and What to Do about It" (Johnson Institute for Responsible Leadership) and "The Human Genome Project and the End of Insurance" (reprinted in National Insurance Law Review, A Compilation of Significant Articles on Insurance).

Dr. Berry was principal investigator for a National Science Foundation grant focusing on ethically contentious issues in bioscience and biotechnology and is currently a co-principal investigator for a National Institutes of Health grant focusing on research ethics in clinical and translational science. She is a member of the editorial board of HealthCare Ethics Committee Forum and has served on National Science Foundation Advisory Panels and Site Visit Teams. She has also served as an external reviewer for Cambridge University Press, Aspen Publishers (legal), the National Science Foundation, the Wellcome Trust (U.K.), and several journals.

Her recognitions include: Class of 1940 W. Howard Ector Outstanding Teacher Award (Georgia Tech 2005); Ivan Allen Jr. Faculty Legacy Award (Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts 2004); and Outstanding Faculty Member (Student Government Association 2001).

Lauren Evans

Program and Operations Manager

In May 2014, Lauren B. Evans completed her M.A. after successfully defending her thesis—a collection of nonfiction essays exploring the relationship between society and popular culture. Lauren is a Contributing Editor for Palaver, an interdisciplinary academic journal, and some of her essays can be found in past issues there. Other interests include writing fiction, reading anything she can find, watching sports, and doing whatever her beagle Lucy commands.

Monica Halka

Associate Director

Monica Halka, Ph.D., is an experimental physicist specializing in the interaction of light with atoms, and she recently completed work on a set of six volumes on the periodic table of the elements. In addition to many publications in professional research journals, she was selected by NASA as an astronaut candidate and has received education grant funding from the National Science Foundation. Dr. Halka has taught special topics courses on The Urban Forest and Harry Potter and the False Dichotomy of Good & Evil. 

Nicole Leonard

Advising and Outreach Manager

In addition to advising the over 400 students within the program, Nicole M. Leonard has co-taught the Honors Program section of GT1000. Ms. Leonard serves as the staff advisor for the Honors Program Student Advisory Board and the travel advisor for our chapter of the Foundation for the International Medical Relief of Children.