Meditation, Mindfulness, and Mental Acuity

What:  The Honors Program has initiated a program designed to introduce the practices of mindfulness to its students, with the goal of spreading understanding and use of these methods across the university campus. 

Why:  Georgia Tech students self-evaluate as experiencing stress at levels significantly higher than the average U.S. college student, which is detrimental to mental and physical health.  Mindfulness meditation is known to reduce stress and promote focus and awareness.

Specially for freshmen:  To assist students in making a successful transition to college by becoming better acquainted with the research and techniques to cope with stress and the burdens of mental exertion, HP offers “Intro to Georgia Tech” (GT 1000) courses focused on meditation and stress relief. Students acquire meditation strategies that improve focus, clarity, awareness, and confidence. Reflection essays on students’ coping abilities overwhelmingly reported beneficial effects.

A sample GT1000 mindfulness syllabus and a list of participating faculty and staff will be made accessible shortly.