Programs & Events

Below are some of the events and programs you can expect from the Honors Program each year.


Honors Program Retreat

This overnight event for first-year Honors Program members allows incoming freshmen to meet faculty and staff, discover opportunities in the Honors Program, and celebrate the beginning of their first semester at Tech with fellow Honors Program members. 

Palentine's Day Party

This event took place after Valentine's Day and was a chance for students to fill out a survey and find a "Palentine Match". The party that followed the survey had a chocolate fountain, cookie decorating, food, music, and gave students a chance to meet new friends.


De-Stress With Art

This year, one of the Student Assistants hosted an event where Honors Program students could head down to the classroom and experiment with different art media. This included acrylic paint, watercolor, finger paint, origami, collage materials, pens, pencils, markers, clay, and more! This was an opportunity for students to take their minds of any upcoming tests they had, eat some snacks, and get creative!

Honors Banquet

Every spring semester, the Honors Program hosts a lively banquet that many students attend. This is a chance to listen to several very influential people in the Honors Program. This event includes snacks and drinks and an open dance floor later in the night. It is a chance for students to get dressed up and spend a night away from the academic side of the Honors Program while only further building a sense of community among its members.




Honors Program Book Club

The student-led HP Book Club select books they want to read and discuss as a group.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Mental Acuity

Preventive healthcare is not just about taking vitamins, exercising, and annual check ups; there are mental activities and tricks that prevent the onset of anxiety disorders and depression. The Honors Program wishes to see all our students succeed both academically and in well-being. We have invited speakers to talk about the arts of mindfulness and meditation and to lead practice sessions, in order for our students to learn how to slow the pace of their mind and find less stress and anxiety in their thought processes.

Honors Program Leadership Council

This is an opportunity for both upperclassmen and first-year students. Upperclassmen gain leadership experience by planning and being a part of organizing various social and cultural events, and the first-year students will be able to enjoy the fruits of those labors.