HP Alumni Spotlight: Megan Thoreson

Mar 17, 2020

Meet our recent HP Alumna, Megan Thoreson!⁣

Megan, from Ellicott City MD, graduated in May 2019 with a degree in Mathematics. Currently, she works at MITRE Corporation as a Systems Engineer!⁣

“I apply my background in math to systems engineering research projects (mostly for the Department of Defense). I’ve learned a ton about aircrafts and their systems!”⁣

After interning at JHU APL in high school, Megan learned about Operations Research (OR). With the initial intent to study OR in undergrad, she was advised to study Mathematics and then pursue Operations Research as a graduate degree. While at Tech, Megan took some cool math classes: “I took a course in Graph Theory my junior year which changed the way I think about how math abstracts reality. A graph is a network of nodes and edges that represent a system and graph traversal algorithms are how Google Maps works!”⁣

Megan was a coxswain on GT Crew and is now also coxswain for Riverside Men’s Sweeps, a local rowing club that practices on the Charles River. She has also gotten involved in SWE at MITRE and early career professionals groups. Next up for Megan, grad school in Operations Research!