Honors Program Curriculum Details

Recognition for "Completion of the Honors Program"

HP students must complete a minimum of 15 credits of qualified HP coursework prior to graduation to earn recognition for “Completion of the Honors Program” on their final Georgia Tech transcript. Students who earn the additional designation of Distinction in a Pathway (Global Engagement, Research, or Service) will also have that noted on the transcript. The HP recognizes students who satisfy this curricular requirement by issuance of a graduation stole with the official Georgia Tech HP insignia on the left-hand side (to be worn over the graduation robe), Honors Program medal of participation (worn at graduation), a framed HP “Certificate of Completion, and an HP pin.  Students who receive Distinction in a Pathway will receive a special stole that reflects this additional honor.

Recognition for "Participation in the Honors Program"

Students who do not achieve the status of "Completion of the Honors Program" but, instead, complete 9 to 14 credits of Honors Program coursework during their matriculation at Georgia Tech receive a framed Honors Program “Certificate of Participation,” Honors Program medal of participation (worn at graduation), and an Honors Program pin.

Categories of qualified HP coursework include:

HP Classes (courses with “HP” following the course numbers--the list for the current semester is available online);
Music Ensemble Classes: MUSI 3018, 3019, 3121, 3131, 3231, 3241, 3251, 3261, 3311, 3321, 3411, 3511, 3531, 3541, 3551, or 3611 (up to a combined total of three credits).

Research Classes: VIP, PURA, and HP-Authorized Independent Research Courses (up to a combined total of six credits, which may include up to three HP-Authorized Independent Research Course credits); and

HP-Authorized Study Abroad Classes (up to three credits).
Graduate Classes at the 6000 level or above (excluding master's thesis 7000, up to three credits).
Transfer Credit (for incoming transfer students only, up to six credits TOTAL, including up to six hours of previous honors program or honors college classes, up to three credits of independent undergraduate research, or up to three credits of study abroad coursework–more information at hp.gatech.edu/transfer).

Additional requirements for qualified HP coursework include:

All HP coursework must be completed on a letter-grade basis, with one exception: PURA course audit credits may be counted toward the HP curricular requirement or the additional award of “HP Distinction in a Pathway” (below).

Students may count up to three credits for HP-Authorized Study Abroad Courses only if they follow this information to have the courses evaluated and the courses are approved.
Visit hp.gatech.edu/courses for a full list of the courses available in the current semester.

Note: Some HP coursework may satisfy Georgia Tech core curriculum requirements. Other HP coursework may satisfy elective requirements for a Georgia Tech major. Please be sure to consult with your major advisor about using your HP coursework to satisfy your core curriculum requirements and other elective requirements.

Additional Award of "HP Distinction in a Pathway"

HP students who complete the 15-credit HP curricular requirement may also earn the additional award of “HP Distinction in a Pathway” for one or more HP Pathways. To earn the award, students must complete six or more of their qualified HP coursework credits in an HP Pathway in Global Engagement, Service, or Research, and must earn a letter grade of "B" or better for all six credits. Credits may not be counted toward more than one Pathway. The HP recognizes the additional award of “HP Distinction in a Pathway” by inclusion of an additional insignia on the right-hand side of the graduation stole and notation of the award for one or more Pathways on the framed HP “Certificate of Completion.”

Visit hp.gatech.edu/honors-program-pathways for complete information and requirements for the Pathways in Global Engagement, Research, and Service.