Honors Leadership Council

The Honors Leadership Council (HLC) is a collection of upperclassmen that serves to enhance the overall Honors Program experience. HLC is involved with student life throughout the year. They act as guides during the First-Year Retreat when students first move in, and they run different programs and events throughout the year. There are four committees in HLC:

Community Development 

  • Plan and execute Honors Banquet each Spring
  • Plan and execute events that promote interaction between
    all years of Honors Program students
  • Maintain social media/online presence

Community Outreach

  • Responsible for internal and external outreach
  • Establish relations with campus partners and further integrate the Honors Program into the Georgia Tech community
  • Partner with organizations in the Atlanta area and further Honors Program mission


First Year Onboarding

  • Plan and execute the Honors Program Retreat each Fall
  • Establish mentorship program for first year students
  • Attend and assist with recruitment events


Student Development

  • Develop leadership and professional skills throughout the Honors Program
  • Plan events and create documents to develop soft skills of Honors Program members
  • Run the Help Desk. Located in the Hefner-Armstrong basement, the Help Desk is staffed by upperclassmen HP students to provide both academic and career help to their peers