Honors Program Global Engagement

GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT coursework and pathway


We encourage all HP students to become global citizens and to pursue global engagement by coursework that counts toward the 15-credit HP curricular requirement and the 6-credit HP Pathway in Global Engagement. The HP will continue to offer a number of HP Classes with a focus on global engagement and will also authorize certain non-HP study abroad courses (up to three credits) to count toward both. For a list of qualifying HP Classes and HP-authorized Study Abroad Courses, visit hp.gatech.edu/designated-hp-pathway-credits.

To expand the HP’s capacity to encourage and recognize HP students’ global engagement coursework, the HP engages in continual review of non-HP study abroad courses, authorizes selected courses and adds these courses to the list of HP-authorized Study Abroad Courses. These courses are offered by partner Georgia Tech study abroad programs and professors and deliver small, active-learning, “HP-style” learning experiences that include significant globally engaged course content. 

HP students may also request review and HP authorization of study abroad courses that they have already completed or that they are considering taking in an upcoming semester. To do so, please email Dr. D'Unger with evidence that your study abroad course satisfies these criteria for HP authorization:

globally engaged
Your evidence will typically consist of:
A screen shot from the OSCAR listing for the course, showing the number of students enrolled or showing the class cap for a future course offering (for evidence that the course was/will be small); and
The course syllabus (for evidence of significant active-learning elements, such as projects, field trips, presentations, or discussion, and of globally engaged course content, including significant learning about non-U.S. subject matter).