Honors Program Service


The Honors Program encourages participants to be engaged members of their community who advance the Georgia Tech motto of "Progress and Service" and to pursue service coursework that counts towards the 15-credit HP curriculuar requirement and the 6-credit HP Pathway in Service.  To complete the Honors Program Award of Distinction in Service, students must complete six credit hours of approved coursework from the Service Pathway.  A list of approved classes is available here.

To complete the HP Pathway in Service, the following criteria must be met: 

  1. Completion of the HP 15-credit curricular requirement.
  2. Completion of six or more credits from the list of HP approved classes for the Service Pathway.  
  3. Letter grades of “B” or better earned for all six credits counted toward the HP Pathway.
  4. No credits earned for any one HP Pathway are counted toward any other HP Pathway.