HP Classes

As a member of the Honors Program, you'll get access to approximately 75 HP-only classes each academic year.  What are Honors Program classes like?  Are they harder than regular Georgia Tech classes?  Honors Program classes are different, but they aren't necessarily harder.  

We welcome students from every major on campus, so the intent of HP classes is not to offer a more rigorous version of the content (i.e., you don't have to be exemplary at physics or philosophy to excel in the HP), but to offer a more engaged and active-learning approach to the content.  You'll learn the same writing, math, and lab science in the HP, but you will do so in a smaller class, with more discussion, more engagement with your peers and professors, and/or supplemental instruction and activities not part of a non-HP section of the class.

HP classes can take lots of different forms.  All are taught by high-quality instructors and involve some kind of active learning component such as discussions, group projects, or simulations.  Many of them are smaller in size than their non-HP counterparts and may include supplemental enrichment activities (guest speakers, field trips) not found in the non-HP sections.  Not ALL HP classes have ALL of these characteristics, but most have several of them.  HP classes usually come in one of three forms:

  • a small, HP-only section,
  • a small, HP-only section cross-listed with a small non-HP section, or
  • a small, HP-only section cross-listed with a large non-HP section that is paired with a smaller HP-only lab, recitation, or studio.

Class Registration

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. The definitive schedule is available on OSCAR (select "Schedule of Classes" and then the appropriate semester). 

Students are urged to exercise caution when using external sites such as GT Scheduler, Coursicle, or CourseOff, as they are not maintained by Georgia Tech and may include incorrect information.                     

There is a feature in OSCAR that will allow you to search for Honors Program classes being offered. Select "Honors Program" from the Attribute Type menu and it will bring up the HP classes being offered (make sure to select at least one subject first—selecting all subjects will bring up every HP class).

Honors Program

Want to learn more about the classes being offered and the faculty teaching them? Click on the button below to see the Honors Program class guide for the current semester.           

HP Registration Olympics

Want a humorous take on the registration process?  Check out the Honors Program Registration Olympics!



APPH 1060 HPFlourishing: Strategies for Wellbeing885632StewartT/TH12:30 PMLLC West Commons Classroom 
BIOS 1107 HPBiological Principles898383SpencerM/W/F11:00 AMClough 152
BIOS 1107L HPBiological Principles LAB894871HarrisonW3:30 PMClough 483
CHEM 1211K HPChemical Principles I908484ZhangM/W/F8:25 AMEast Architecture 123
CHEM 1211K HP4Chemical Principles I LAB908510SantosTH12:30 PMClough 572
CHEM 1212K HPChemical Principles II908474ShenT/TH12:30 PMMolecular Science and Engineering 3201A
CHEM 1212K H26Chemical Principles II LAB908500SantosM3:30 PMClough 573
CHEM 1212K H27Chemical Principles II LAB879550SantosT3:30 PMClough 573
COE 2001 HPStatics930872WangT/TH3:30 PMLLC West Commons Classroom 
COS 3801 HPSpecial Topics: Introduction to Model Organisms935261GiganteT12:30 PMWest Architecture 260
CS 1301 HPIntroduction to Computing854133JoynerN/AN/AONLINE, ASYNCHRONOUS 
CS 1301R HPRIntroduction to Computing RECITATION883680JoynerTH5:00 PMONLINE, SYNCHRONOUS 
CS 1371 HPComputing for Engineers811943RogersM/W/F8:25 AMCollege of Computing 16
CS 1371R HP1Computing for Engineers RECITATION884200RogersTH5:00 PMCollege of Design East 207
CS 2701 HPStartup Lab899563FurstW5:00 PMKlaus 2448 
CS 4010 HPIntroduction to Computer Law911473Huffman/OmojokunT/TH11:00 AMCollege of Computing 101
EAS 1600 HPIntro to Earth and Atmospheric Sciences905964WilsonT/TH12:30 PMSkiles 311
EAS 1600 WHPIntro to Earth and Atmospheric Sciences LAB905970PorterTBDTBDTBD
ECON 2106 HPPrinciples of Microeconomics932443TaylorT/TH2:00 PMCherry Emerson 204
ENGL 1101 HP1English Composition I905913RoseM/W11:00 AMSkiles 314
ENGL 1102 HP1English Composition II897943TruranM/W9:30 AMHall 103
ENGL 1102 HP2 English Composition II846383WinterM/W11:00 AMSkiles 302
ENGL 1102 HP3English Composition II926563NanceM/W2:00 PMHall 102
ENGL 1102 HP4English Composition II898343SmithM/W/F2:00 PMVan Leer E361
ENGL 1102 HP5English Composition II918733GutierrezT/TH2:00 PMSkiles 368
FREN 3110 HPComic and Graphic Arts927113StepanovM/W3:30 PMSkiles 254
GT 1000 HP1GT First Year Seminar894191MelecioM8:25 AMClough 123 
GT 1000 HP2GT First Year Seminar849781FranklinW12:30 PMCollege of Computing 101
GT 1000 HP3GT First Year Seminar928161ThomasTH12:30 PMClough 131
GT 2000 HPGT Transfer Seminar899771ThomasW11:00 AMClough 262
HTS 2013 HPModern American History929713MichneyT/TH2:00 PMOld Civil Engineering, G10
HTS 2016 HPSocial Issues and Public Policy922023D'UngerM/W9:30 AMLLC West Commons Classroom 
HTS 2803 HPSpecial Topics: Organizing for Social Change894413Watts HullM/W11:00 AMClough 325 
INTA 3103 HPThe Challenge of Terrorism931023JordanT/TH9:30 AMHabersham 136
LMC 3102 HPScience, Technology, & the Classical Tradition910413SantessoM/W12:30 PMSkiles 371
LMC 3208 HPAfrican American Literature & Culture 930313MorrisM/W12:30 PMSkiles 2
LMC 3308 HPEnvironmental Ecocriticism930323CrawfordT/TH12:30 PMSkiles 317
MATH 1551 HPDifferential Calculus907784TranM/W3:30 PMMolecular Science and Engineering G011
MATH 1551 HP1Differential Calculus STUDIO907790TranF3:30 PMSkiles 254
MATH 1554 HPLinear Algebra908122BaroneM/W/F2:00 PMCollege of Computing 16
MATH 1554 HP1Linear Algebra STUDIO908140BaroneT/TH3:30 PMSkiles 368 
MATH 2552 HPDifferential Equations908164ChenT/TH5:00 PMCollege of Computing 16
MATH 2552 HP1Differential Equations STUDIO908180ChenM/W5:00 PMSkiles 271 
MATH 4803 HPSpecial Topics: Nonlinear Algebra with a View towards Computation926103LeykinM/W2:00 PMInstructional Center 109
PHIL 3115 HPPhilosophy of Science899423BuskellM/W3:30 PMSwann 325 
PHIL 4176 HPEnvironmental Ethics904383HajkovaM/W2:00 PMClough 272 
PHYS 2211 HPIntro to Physics I911374Alicea-MuñozM/W9:30 AMHowey Physics L1
PHYS 2211 HPLIntro to Physics I LAB898630Alicea-MuñozM3:30 PMClough 382
PHYS 2212 HPIntro to Physics II911364GumbartM/W12:30 PMHowey Physics L4
PHYS 2212 HPLIntro to Physics II LAB819430GrecoM3:30 PMClough 375
PHYS 2213 HPIntro to Modern Physics930013GrecoM/W2:00 PMHowey L5
PSYC 1101 HPGeneral Psychology858553VerhaeghenM/W/F9:30 AMCoon 161
PSYC 2005 HPMulticultural Psychology910003Hughes-TroutmanM/W9:30 AMCoon 248
PUBP 3000 HPU.S. Constitution904403MayF11:00 AMTBD
RUSS 3222 HPRussian Twentieth Century Literature and Film927573KhapaevaM/W3:30 PMSwann 115
SPAN 3260 HPIdentity in Hispanic Literature893343ComfortT/TH12:30 PMSwann 115

Use this form to get PURA undergraduate research classes approved to count towards the HP curricular or Pathway requirement.

Students may also take up to three credit hours of music ensemble classes for Honors Program credit.  These classes include the following:

MUSI 3018: Marching BandMUSI 3311: Jazz Ensemble
MUSI 3019: Pep BandMUSI 3321: Jazz Combo
MUSI 3121: Concert BandMUSI 3411: Chamber Ensemble
MUSI 3131: Symphonic BandMUSI 3511: Percussion Ensemble
MUSI 3231: Chamber ChoirMUSI 3531: New Music Ensemble
MUSI 3241: ChoraleMUSI 3541: Electronic Percussion Ensemble
MUSI 3251: Glee ClubMUSI 3551: Rock and Pop Ensemble
MUSI 3261: Treble ChoirMUSI 3611: Symphony Orchestra